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10 best nude beaches in Europe


It owns beautiful scenery with sandy beaches, blue water and a large amount of tourists naked romp, frolic.

Located in the heart of the beautiful capital of Sweden Stockholm, Agesta owns sands feet cool, clear water. Around the coast there are other thoughtful services, dining table and entertainment area. Nudism quite comfortable in Sweden, so you be assured nude without encountering curious onlookers, curious. Visitors can come here by bus. Algarve, Portugal owns a big advantage compared to other beaches in the world: there are more than 300 days of sunshine a year. So this really is a paradise for those who love to swim without wearing swimsuits.

Germany did not have much coastline as some other European countries, but has owned a number of nude beaches are visitors rated as “excellent”. One of them is a beach on the island of Sylt – which is known as the St Tropez of Germany. Temperatures on the island are always warm, suitable for swimming and unspoiled natural scenery beautiful.

Guests can frolic naked comfortable nude beach of Plage linguizzetta 4 km long. It is also the longest nude beach in Corsica, France. In addition to the high season, the beaches here again peaceful atmosphere with clear waters and smooth sand. Situated near the beach resort of Riva Bella naked with full amenities. Here, visitors also have the opportunity to meet the uncle friendly llamas.

Although British conservative and discreet, they still head the beaches “open”. One of them is the nude beach Studland, Dorset. It is considered a safe beaches and friendly local governments are very concerned about security issues.

Filaki is nude bathing in Crete, Greece. It does not own the smooth sand, small gravel instead is scattered everywhere. However Filaki very quiet, private and confidential, in accordance with the visitors also afraid of the bathroom.

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The capital, Copenhagen, Denmark, less than 10 km, Bellevue beach, Klapenburgh glamorous destination of the young man, passionate. On the weekends, the number of tourists to this place spike, however, most people only when swimming topless and not many people completely nude. It is recognized by many tourists hailed as “picturesque”. Bellevue is also home to many gay people appear.

There are at least six nude bathing spot in Ibiza, Spain, so guests can comfortably next to the water caress her beautiful body without hesitation.

Ireland is one of the tourist hot spots in the world for public nude beach. Silver Strand Beach is a private land and beautiful, is the ideal destination for those who prefer quiet and … naked.

Plage de Pampelonne, St. Tropez is one of the magnet attracted the most visitors in France and Europe. This used to welcome famous guests – who love Brigette Bardot France.

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