10 dishes can not miss when coming to Myanmar


You will have an exciting and memorable dining experience with a brand new flavor never before seen in Myanmar.

Prepare for any trip to a new country, you will probably spend a lot of time learning about the cuisine as well as the delicious specialties of that place. However, if you travel to Myanmar, you may be slightly confused when looking for information about this culinary background.

The little information and pictures do not give you a full view, but rather a patchwork of dishes to try. It seems that the Myanmar people do not have many traditional dishes, unlike most other Asian countries.

However, when you come here and you see the culinary culture of Myanmar also has many interesting points and is worth experiencing the completely new flavor that you probably have not seen before.

Fish noodles Mohinga


As well as Asian, Myanmar also has a way to make dishes rich in spices with noodles / noodles are the backbone of the food. Mohinga Fish Vermicelli is a street food you will meet the most when traveling Myanmar. This is even favored to be the most famous dish of the people, like rice noodles and bread in Vietnam.

Fish noodles are very simple but they taste quite strange and characteristic. It is considered a typical Burmese dish. Vinaigrette is cooked in water. Along with that is a lot of spices such as garlic, onion, ginger, lemongrass, fish sauce … Fish noodles are sold mainly in the morning at the street vendors gathered around the market.

Leaf Tea Leaflet


This is a mouth-watering and curious dish for those who are looking to learn about Myanmar cuisine. The taste of the leaf is often turned into tea is now processed into an aperitif salad is certainly confusing.

The ingredients of this special salad include fresh tea leaves, tomatoes, sliced cabbage, fried bean sprouts, some grains, garlic, garlic oil and peppers. All ingredients are mixed by hand, squeeze the spice to soak.

Cracow Myanmar


It can be said that Myanmar cuisine is quite similar to the Indian cuisine that is featured in the dish smells like curry. Stewed meat is served in a saucepan topped with rice and other side dishes. That is also the way Indians enjoy curry. Myanmar curry is quite salty.

One interesting thing about enjoying a curry in Myanmar is that you will receive more traditional Myanmar desserts – pickled leaves and nuts in a lacquer tray.

Myanmar Milk Tea


Referring to the Myanmar milk tea, do not think of the trouble of Taiwanese milk pipe plugs. The Burmese can fully boast of this signature and extremely delicious drink.

The milk tea here is called milk tea because it is soothed tea mixed in harmony with the sweetness of milk. Milk tea can be used hot or cold and is used throughout the meal. This is the highlight of Myanmar cuisine if you miss the taste of food where.

Myanmar cake


The tea house is a great place for tourists to explore and immerse themselves in traditional Myanmar food. In addition to traditional dishes, any tea shop in Myanmar also has sweet and savory cakes to sip with hot tea.

Indian teahouses or Muslims often serve light snacks such as salty pastries, breads with potatoes, and toasted bread. Chinese dumplings are served steamed dumplings or sweet cakes for visitors to sip tea.

Myanmar snacks


Unlike sweets in Western countries, sweets at Myanamar, also known as “muon”, are not used as desserts but become a snack with tea in the morning and in the afternoon. Myanmar people.

“Muon” is not too much sugar, instead, sweet is taken from other materials such as coconut fiber, coconut milk, rice flour, fruit … Along with the cake, these sweet snacks become a The food can not be ignored for those who like to drink tea and become delicious should taste of visitors.

Fried foods


A characteristic feature of Asian street food you will encounter when traveling Myanmar is the stalls selling fried oil. Everything can be put in a frying pan. Fried fried noodles, fried bread, crispy crisps with special flavor are served with sweet and sour sauce made from tamarind to balance the taste, avoid being contagious.

Shan rice


Also known as nga htamin – fish rice, Shan rice (a tribe in Myanmar) is becoming one of the perfect choice of visitors to Myanmar.

The aromatic rice is cooked with yellow broccoli and eaten in combination with a freshwater fish fillet of garlic aromatic. Along with the spices such as garlic, peppers, pepper, Shan style rice is a favorite dish for those who grind Spicy.

Shan noodles


Shan people have a lot of strange dishes, contributing to Myanmar’s rich cuisine. But crab sauce is always interesting to attract the attention of tourists to any country in Asia. The Shan noodles are made from bone meal with thin noodles with chicken, pork. They have the secret to make up the smell of roasted sesame seeds very strange mouth.

Nan Gyi Thohk


Nan Gyi Thohk is a Myanmar dish consisting of rice noodle mixed with a special chicken curry served with broth. You can squeeze extra lemon to add sour taste. Nan Gyi Thohk is like Myanmar spaghetti noodles.

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