10 things you probably do not know about Canada


Canada has runways for aliens, 2 million lakes and the longest coastline in the world.


The Apology Act was passed by the Government of Canada in 2009. The apology expresses regret not being accepted in court. The reason for this strange story is that Canadians use too much of the word “sorry”. Thus, the word gradually only means sympathy or regret, not the acknowledgment of his mistake.


Canada has the longest coastline in the world, 356,000 km. It will take you about 4½ years not to eat, sleep and go all the way to the coast of the country.


The longest demilitarized zone in the world belongs to Canada – USA. The border between the two countries has formed areas of interesting geographic location. One of them is Derby Line and Stanstead, where libraries are located between the two countries. Come here, you can read books in Canada, take a few steps to the United States to borrow books.


 Canadians are very hospitable, they even build the runway for aliens to land on Earth. This beach was built in St Paul, Alberta.


There are about 2 million lakes in Canada, more than all the lakes in the world combined.


Canada is the second largest country in the world, behind only Russia. But the population accounts for only 0.5% of the world population, about 36 million people. More than half the population of Canada graduated from college.


Queen Elizabeth II is the head of State of Canada. In other words, she is also the Queen of Canada.


The Government of Canada has declared Santa Claus to be a citizen of his country. In fact, you can send letters to the Arctic in any language (including Braille), and goblins help Santa Claus respond to every message.


Canadians invented basketball. It was James Naismith born in the town of Ramsay (now Almonte, Ontario).


If you come to Dawson City, Yukon, you can visit the Sourtoe Cocktail. Here, what you have to do is enjoy the drink with the toes below. The slogan is that you can drink fast, drink slowly, but your lips definitely have to touch your toes.

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