8 unique London angles for photographers


A bar, an abandoned pumping station or a twisted staircase in the museum will be impressive.


The abandoned Crossness Pump Station is considered to be the most beautiful pumping station in the world, with Victorian architecture, attracting visitors as soon as they enter. Through the lens of the photographer, at first glance the combination of red, gold, and green leaves many confuse it is a palace in the Forbidden City.


Not many visitors miss the V & A cafe in the world’s largest art and design museum Victoria and Albert in Kensington. Elegant design, high ceilings, gold-plated columns and beautifully decorated glass windows, the cafĂ© is both a stopping point and an ideal shooting spot for architectural enthusiasts.


Just like other conventional greenhouses, if you stand across the lake in front of the The Palm conservatory, the picture makes the viewer feel like in a peaceful countryside, nestled between the water capital Brother.


London Science Museum is one of the hottest destinations for imaginative travelers. Just rotate the camera angle, you can make viewers think of alien images by design and lighting inside the building.


Standing on the central staircase at the Tate Museum of Art, the uniqueness of the montone-style architecture makes it easy to dazzle but is more exciting than shooting from below.


Fan of Harry Potter will probably feel Leadenhall market quite familiar because this is the movie studio of Cai Vac and Cross Lane. To admire the symmetry of classic Victorian architecture glittering in golden light, you should visit the longest and most beautiful market in London at night.


The 300m long Leake Tunnel is a well-known place in the graffiti world, impressive with colorful drawings. It’s not a special architecture, but it’s a perfect background if you want a personal look.


The ingenious combination of natural light and color within a bar in Soho makes this place a fantastic attraction. Even when visiting the day, it is difficult to distinguish time by this virtual space.

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