Discover Turkey by hot air balloon


On the journey to discover Turkey, flying on the balloon glistening, watching the sky above look down is a very impressive experience. Thousands of balloons hovering over the Cappadocia skyline, as captivating as slow-motion movies in real life.

The holy place of the balloon


Dubbed the world’s most beautiful hot air balloon, Turkey is one of the most attractive destinations in the world. Visitors to Turkey must find the land that is considered a hot air balloon resort – Cappadocia. The land is very impressive natural landscape, the topography here is mainly the mushroom mountain range has been present over 600 million years. As the “stone mushrooms” get older and worn out, the young “mushrooms” grow “more”, then again continue to be wind and rain weathered until today. Sitting on the balloon, watching the sky full of clouds is a dream come true for many people.

Watch the sunrise in the air


Having experienced the hot air balloon, I had to experience it in the morning, when the dawn dawned, the first rays of the sun were shining on the land, dozens of air balloons flying up, the scenery clogged up. Breathe, as if in some fairy land. If anyone ever thought of captivating photos from Cappadocia as a product of photoshop, have a hot air balloon experience here with your smartphone, to know that the beautiful moments from Cappadocia are not virtual. The balloon is slow, so let’s look at it, take a picture, then you’ll have to say that this place is so wonderful.

Great experience


Although it is classified as a kind of adventure experience because before the flight, tourists will have to sign a commitment to take risks, but, until they are standing on the balloon, beautiful scenery, new Seeing your risky moments does not cost you anything. Hot air balloons are allowed only in stable weather conditions, no winds and morning temperatures below 28 ° C. The best time to visit Turkey is March, April, March. year, when the sky is clear and the weather is not too harsh.

If you love this fairytale scene, come to Turkey once to have a glimpse of a brilliant balloon, make sure you do not regret it!

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