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Foam Museum – Museum of Photography’s unique Dutch


Foam Museum is an interesting point to any visitor of the tour in the Netherlands. this unique Museum photography is where the art of innovative photographers shine. It also gives viewers great feel different about photography magical.

Located in the streets of the capital Amsterdam Keizersgracht, Foam undergoes a journey full of ups and downs with multiple changes in ownership of the building, as well as functions which it assumes before becoming a museum with scale and stability nail. Viewed as formally established in November 2001 and more than a month later, the museum is in the public domain for the first exhibition Dutch Delight. Later, as has been upgraded into a modern museum designed by Benthem Crouwel Architects, a new exhibition called Regie place and has a lot of visitors welcome. With their strengths, Museum Foam increasingly attracting more viewers, as well as a private placement in the space of capital Amsterdam is full of museums many years, with the calculated values with classical art. Foam visit, visitors not only get a taste of artistic photos of the photographer name, but also have the opportunity to evaluate the young talent in this area through their early work. And as to encourage young photographers actively creating art more, since 2007 an award called The Paul Huf Award is held annually to honor young artists this class. This is also one of the interesting points of Foam, which many people welcome. With ticket prices quite reasonable Netherlands is regularly updated from the travel agency, a trip to the Netherlands is no longer a big challenge for many people. And if you have the opportunity to visit the Netherlands, stop viewing art at the famous museums of Amsterdam, it should not be ignored given the opportunity to visit the museum Foam. Foam welcome four visitors with friendly intimacy and a cozy atmosphere, lively and modern. You can enjoy the great works of the famous photographer and museum at the site, you can treat yourself to relaxing moments in the café, or visit the library or the gallery Foam Editions trade, to choose a good book in the bookstore, as a souvenir for the visit very interesting, their meaning.

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