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Great food should try to come to Wales


The simple dishes that are not less delicious of Wales will attract many people love to travel to visit this small country.

Not as prominent as your neighbors like England or Scotland, Wales quietly with their own little fun. The 1400km coastline, majestic peaks at Snowdonia National Park, and charming villages, anywhere in Wales, are something special to welcome.

Interesting dishes are also a great part of attracting visitors to Wales. Simple dishes that are extremely delicious will motivate tourists to visit this country.

1. Welsh Cake

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Welsh Cake is a thick cake made from cinnamon and raisins, quite similar to the cake used in tea for texture but bun shaped cookie. This cake is often used by the Welsh for breakfast or snacks in the afternoon. The best cakes can be found at Fabulous Welshcakes shops in Cardiff Bay.

2. Cheese

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With plenty of cattle and sheep hills, Wales has plenty of raw materials to produce delicious cheeses. The Welsh are very happy because they always enjoy the delicious cheddar cheese slices, fat goat’s cheese, farm-made cheese or even the challenging green cheese. Perl Forest.

3. Clam

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The oysters found on the coast of Wales are one of the country’s most famous specialties. Scallops are available in a variety of restaurants and bars in Wales. In the picture below is the grilled oyster sauce covered with slices of crispy bread is quite a lot of people love the restaurant.

4. Laverbread

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Laverbread is an edible algae found in the waters of Wales. Algae are salty and tender, not as strong as other algae in Asia. After being processed, algae are often eaten with breads, sausages, bacon to make a complete meal.

5. Welsh Rarebit

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Welsh Rarebit is a famous cheeseburger in Wales, featuring a slice of cheese topped with cheese. Full-baked cakes consist of toasted breads, herbs and cheddar cheese melted on the cake. Sometimes the topcoat is replaced with bacon to satisfy the taste of the fastidious diners.

6. Ice cream

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Wales is also a paradise for those who love cool ice cream. Nearly every building in each village, street corner has the appearance of a small ice cream parlor. Because of that, you will find it hard to refuse ice cream Iced Germs ice cream when coming to this country.

7. Bara Brith

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Bara Brith is a spicy fruit cakes commonly served with tea in Wales. The cake is quite similar to the gingerbread and grape cake, no less attractive as the sugar candy cake is present in many parts of the world.

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