Elephant Santuaries in Thailand

Must-visit elephant sanctuaries in Thailand


Hanging out with an elephant in Thailand is easy to do. What’s not so simple is finding a reputable place that cares about and protects their elephants. A well-taken-care-of elephant has room to roam and isn’t overworked by constantly performing in shows or giving endless rounds of rides. Here in this article, we will show you a list of 3 most reputable elephant sanctuaries in Thailand. Let’s check out to have a better trip to Thailand! Amazing facts for kids.

Elephant Nature Park

Elephant Nature Park A rescue and rehabilitation center for elephants, where you can bathe and feed the elephants, plus learn about each animal’s past.

  • Cost: Day tours are 2,500 baht ($79US); overnight tours are 5,800 baht ($183US).
  • What’s included: All tours include feeding and bathing the elephant, applicable meals, plus pickup and dropoff in Chiang Mai. Overnight tours also include hut accommodation.
  • Location: 60km outside Chiang Mai.
  • Visiting: Reservations required. Book online at their website.
  • What to bring: Shorts and/or swimming gear plus a change of clothing for both tours. For overnight, also bring clothes to sleep in, walking shoes, mosquito repellent, and a jacket.

Thai Elephant Conservation Center

Elephant Sanctuaries Thai Elephant Conservation Center This center offers elephant rides as part of their homestay and trekking programs, which put an emphasis on learning how to interact with an elephant as a mahout (the term for a person who rides an elephant), as well as the mahout‘s way of life.

It is also necessary to check out for more information about elephant diet, behavior, character, and habitat through elephant fun facts.

  • Cost: 150 baht ($4.75US) for a day pass to the park. 1-3 day homestay and trekking programs range from 3,500-9,500 baht ($111-$300US).
  • What’s included: An elephant show that stresses preservation and protection of the species, a hospital visit, and a chance to bathe the elephants. For the 2-3 day homestay and trekking programs, you’ll receive meals, bottled water, and overnight accommodation in a bungalow with hot showers (homestay program) or a simple hut (trekking program), plus a mahout suit for riding the elephant.
  • Location: Lampang, Thailand.
  • Visiting: Reservation required for homestay and trekking programs.

Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary

Elephant Santuaries in Thailand Boon Lott’s Sanctuary doesn’t let you ride the elephants, but through their homestay program you’ll experience living among the rescued and rehabilitated animals.

  • Cost: 5,000 baht per guest per night ($158US).
  • What’s included: Meals and non-alcoholic drinks, pickup and dropoff, accommodation in a teak cottage, Internet access, laundry, and unlimited interaction with the elephants.
  • Location: Outside the village of Baan Tuel, which is 5-6 hours north of Bangkok by bus, or you can fly into Sukhothai.

Note: When interacting with the elephants, always remember you’re there for them, not the other way around. Treat the animals with kindness and respect, and get ready for the love they’ll pour on you — and possibly spurt on you with their trunks. You can also check out for facts about cats for kids if you are a feline lover and want to take a better care of your cats.

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