New Zealand, paradise for couples

New Zealand, paradise for couples


Dubbed “the land of paradise,” New Zealand has attracted many couples with beautiful natural scenery and rare tranquility.

With sprawling beaches, lush green lakes, sprawling forests and majestic mountains, New Zealand is definitely the ideal autumn destination for couples looking for a romantic getaway. Chest, bold imprint of love.

Christchurch – City of the green gardens

Christchurch - City of the green gardens

There is no romantic walk with your lover among the gardens in Christchurch, with the sun shining through the trees, shining on the green lawns. The more poetic when you punting on the river Avon flows smoothly through the heart of the city, encrusted with gardens, colorful parks. Punting is similar to Venice’s gondolas in Italy, but boat people on the Avon River will wear traditional Edwardian costumes, taking the boat gliding gently on the river so that the couple can enjoy the city’s best scenery.

Waiheke Island – The jewel in the Hauraki Bay

Waiheke Island - The jewel in the Hauraki Bay

Waiheke Island is located on Hauraki Bay, about 40 minutes ferry ride from Auckland city center. In 2016, Lonely Planet voted Waiheke into the top 10 tourist destinations not to be missed in the world.

You can walk along the lovers walk through the vineyards or green olives, then enjoy the wine with the best-named wine in the world. Waiheke also has smooth sand beaches, surrounded by green mountains. You can rent a double kayak and paddle, enjoy the romantic moment and meet the dolphins if lucky.

Wanaka – New Zealand’s most romantic town

New Zealand, paradise for couples

If you are looking for a perfect spot for a memorable wedding in New Zealand, Wanaka will be your first choice. This highland town is one of the most romantic and impressive landscapes in the world for couples. Spectacular views of the mountains, rivers, lakes and plateaus will be a great backdrop for a date.

Choosing a wedding venue in Wanaka is also quite a headache, because there are so many attractive options. For example, you can go to an empty house and design your own personal wedding, or choose a lakeside resort or a romantic vineyard.

Queenstown – Queen City

Queenstown - Queen City

Just like the name Queenstown, this beautiful queen-like city sits on the shores of the spectacular Lake Wakatipu. Guests can choose to tour the Million Dollar Cruise, for a 90-minute cruise along the shores of Lake Wakatipu and enjoy breathtaking views of Queenstown and the majestic Remarkable Range.

Couples can also opt for a lake cruise with the TSS Earnslaw, a 105-year-old steamer that fits into the space of the old elite. The ship is also known locally as the “Lady of Lake Wakatipu” and has been featured in several movies, such as Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the skulls, with a “role” on a boat. Amazone River.

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