Picturesque towns in Puglia


The Puglia Peninsula, in the south of Italy, is known as the “heel of the boot”, famous for its beautiful scenery, undulating islands and stretches of coastline. Especially on the peninsula of Puglia there are charming towns with attractive as drawings attract tourists near and far.

1. Alberobello


Alberobello is a small town in the city of Bari (capital of Puglia) and has been recognized by UNESCO as world cultural heritage. Alberobello is famous for having over 1,500 unique trullo houses. The trullo houses are white houses that look like huts. The roof is made of stone, the tip of which looks like a hat and is not plastered when it is built, is said to have been quickly dismantled for tax evasion at the time of King Ferdinand I – by that time if the house was fixed pay taxes to the king. These houses look like “roof hut” that many people associate with the house for the dwarfs in the fairy tale, very attracting visitors near and far to visit. Alberobello’s famous playground and beautiful sights are in the Monti district and Aia Piccola.

2. Polignano a Mare


Polignano a Mare is located on the edge of a rugged mountain, on the Adriatic coast of Puglia. The town is filled with fascinating natural beauty, embracing the Blue Flag beach surrounded by two cliffs, a labyrinth with winding streets, white buildings and old churches. Polignano a Mare attracts visitors from far and wide by breathtaking scenery, surrounded by crystal clear waters and even underwater caves. It is also famous for the Red Cliff Cliff Cliff Club that takes place every summer.

3. Ostuni


Ostuni is one of the most beautiful towns in southern Italy. The setting here is the marvelous combination of sparkling white walls of charming houses, churches and markets, stretching over the hills of the hilltop, surrounded by ancient rural spaces and olive groves wide. The most famous tourist spot is the old town of La Città Bianca, surrounded by medieval architectural treasures and beautiful views of the Adriatic coast.

4. Otranto


For those who have a passion for art and history, Otranto is a great stopping place with many beautiful works dating back to the 12th century of the Roman church. But with the gourmet tourists can go to seafood restaurants along the beautiful coast. In the summer, when you come here you will see the scene where people come to visit and immersed in jade green water, along the beach stretching 10 km. It seems that one can not tell all the romantic stories of the lost in the picturesque old town interwoven with small alleys spreading white gravel.

5. Lecce


Lecce is a masterpiece of Baroque architecture, dubbed the “Florence of the South”. This city was known as the second Roman throne buried. The magnificent scenery created by the churches and palaces, elaborately decorated and built of local bees is a landmark that attracts visitors from far and nearby.

6. Monopoli


This is an interesting coastal town with many ancient churches and crooked alleys with white-painted facades. Monopoli is famous for its medieval old town charm, churches, old fish harbors and solid seaside walls. With its crystal-clear bay, it’s no wonder Monopoli’s beach is considered one of the most popular beaches along the coast of Apulia.

7. Vieste


The town of Vieste is located at the eastern tip of the Gargano Peninsula, which is the tip of the Adriatic blue sea. The highlight here is the scattered stone walls surrounding the town and the wide sandy beach. Vieste’s splendid coastline is surrounded by caves and bays, as if waiting for tourists to explore. Here you can relax at the labyrinth-like resorts, with beautiful pebbles and buildings and the balcony full of colorful flowers.

8. Trani


Trani is a stylish town located about 40 km north of Bari, on the Adriatic coast of Puglia. With a beachside church, medieval buildings are decorated with limestone adorned with elegant features for the ancient city, along with colorful fishing boats and sparkling white sailboats in the harbor, visitors as well as being in harmony with both exciting and calm space this classic.

9. Locorotondo


Light white wines are a specialty of Locorotondo. This small hilltop town is regarded as a historic center with quiet streets, a striking white townhouse, and beautiful flower pots. In addition to the countryside around Locorotondo, there are also picturesque little trullo houses scattered around the vineyards and olive groves, feeling like they are straying to the village of the hobbits.

10. Martina Franca


Martina Franca stands out for its elegant, elegant Baroque space. It is one of the most beautiful towns in Puglia and is famous for its exquisite meats. The town is surrounded by defensive walled walls and eye-catching gates, combining seductive charms from narrow alleys and vibrant white houses interspersed with perennial trees.

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