Russian cuisine but not nourishing


Traditional dishes of Russian cuisine focus on nutrients, not too formative but not boring, but worth to experience.

Russia has never been compared to a gastronomic paradise. The street food culture is not as plentiful as most Asian countries, the way they are processed and the form of food is not as sophisticated as European countries. Russians are only familiar with some of the everyday foods we still know, such as black bread, mashed potatoes, salad or sea fish.

Red beet soup – Borsch


This is the kind of soup you will find often in every Russian meal. Red bean soup is very nice and has a cool taste. You can add some sour cream to balance the sweetness of turnips, create harmony for the dish.

Salad Olivier


We are still used to order a salad of mayonnaise salad with Russian salad. Go to Russia and you will find this salad is not just composed of carrots, chopped potatoes mixed with mayo sauce as we usually do.

The ingredients of the Russian salad are: potatoes, salt cucumbers, bacon, eggs, carrots. All diced pomegranate, mixed with mayo sauce with a little bit more is up.

It is called Olivier Salad, the name of the chef Lucien Olivier, who came up with this recipe around 1800. Especially you will never find two dish salads that taste the same in Russia. Because each family has a habit and how to reduce the spice very own.



Cod is known as the “favorite Russian food.” Salty pieces of salted fish are too good for a little bit of vodka in the cold winter. Salted cod is served with cabbage, sliced carrots and black olives.

In addition to cod, salmon and salmon eggs are also good food in this country. Black caviar is more expensive than red caviar. The salted, salted and salted eggs are carefully prepared and preserved. Like the Japanese, salmon eggs are eaten raw. As for salmon, Russians prefer to use salt salts rather than raw foods.

Black bread


Referring to Russian cuisine, can not ignore the black bread. Breaded salted butter is a simple Russian dish used to entertain guests. But this bread is the way Russians express deep emotions, believe that he will go with us through hardship.

Barbecue – Shashlik


Grilled pork is a favorite in Russia. The meat is baked or sliced on the charcoal so it is easy to keep the aroma of meat mixed with spices. Grilled pork with wine is right.

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