Strange facts about Vietnam


Here is the best collection of strange facts about Vietnam:

1. Vietnam is shaped like the letter “S”

vietnam facts

Vietnam is shaped like the letter “S” 

Our first interesting fact about Vietnam is its shape. We love our funky shaped countries especially ones that resemble glamorous high heels (Italy). We particularly like the shape of Vietnam because S also stands for Stefan and Sebastien (Source: factoflife)

2. Speed dating began here

The second of seven Vietnam facts are about speed dating. Speed dating might be a recent fad in the west, but it has been a stable of hill tribe life in Vietnam for decades. Hill tribes from all over the regions will meet at ‘love markets’, where the local young single people will come together with the intent of finding a mate.

3. Vietnam is coffee paradise

vietnam facts

funny images on coffee paradise

According to the European Coffee Federation statistics, Vietnam is the world’s second largest coffee-producing nation after Brazil, producing 16% of the world’s total coffee (Brazil’s is 40%). Coffee in Vietnam is incredibly tasty, cheap, and the iced version a refreshing drink to cool you down during the warm, humid months.

4. They have their own sport

Takraw, or kick volleyball, is a traditional sport in Vietnam. The development of traditional Vietnamese sports is vital to the preservation of Vietnamese culture. In this sport, a ball is passed from player to player by hitting it with the head and feet. Takraw also is widely played in Laos, Thailand, Myanmar and Cambodia.

5. Bicycles cover the roads

vietnam facts

Bicycles cover the roads

There are an estimated 10 million bikes on Vietnamese roads, and that number is climbing every year. That means that there is a bike for every 8 people in Vietnam. In the major cities, bikes make up 90% of vehicles on the roads and yet it was only in the last 4 years that the government have made it compulsory to wear a helmet!

6. Ho Chi Minh’s body is on display

Ho Chi Minh (known affectionately as ‘Uncle Ho’) travels 8000 miles every year. This is only peculiar because he has been dead for over 40 years now. The Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum in Hanoi is a strange and interesting place to visit on your travels in Vietnam. His body is on show for the world to see for only 9 months of the year. The Mausoleum is usually shut from September to December as Uncle Ho makes his annual journey to Moscow for ‘maintenance’. Not bad for someone whose dying wish was to be cremated…

7. There are different types of temples

“Pagodas are for worship, temples are for honour.” Vietnam is less famous for its temples than neighbouring Thailand or Cambodia, but they are still a prominent part of its history andculture. But how do you tell the difference between the two during your Vietnam holiday? The Vietnamese pagoda (chua) is regarded as a place of worship where offerings are made. Conversely, the Vietnamese den (temple) is not strictly a place of worship, but more of a monument built to honour a great historical figure. Love to see joke of the day? Check out to get right here

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