Top Best Foods to Eat in Chicago


Let’s enjoy our top best foods to eat in Chicago you should have a try

1 Albano’s Pizzeria

Pizza Puff: As one Yelper proclaimed: “They don’t have pizza puffs here. They have GOD puffs.” Pizza puffs are a Chicago invention and Iltaco Foods is the item’s largest manufacturer. Venture out to Cicero for a hearty homemade version.

2 Au Cheval

Cheeseburger: There are many good burgers in Chicago but none have people waiting hours in line to try them like Brendan Sodikoff’s diner. Au Cheval’s burgers have been hailed as one of the country’s best by many publications and it’s not hard to see why. Thin patties are cooked on a griddle and dressed with American cheese, Dijonnaise and housemade pickles. It’s simple but the execution is spot-on and optional toppings include a fried egg, slab of foie gras and thick-cut peppered bacon. Learn more about amazing science facts via our articles.

3 Avec

Chorizo-stuffed Medjool Dates: One Off Hospitality’s Mediterranean restaurant is consistently one of Chicago’s most popular destinations. That’s in part to the “life-changing” dates stuffed with chorizo, wrapped with bacon and served with piquillo pepper sauce.

4 Calumet Fisheries

Smoked Salmon: Smokehouses are a dying breed but this legendary spot has been around since 1948 and is still delivering some of the best fish in town. Fresh seafood is wood-smoked onsite and items like salmon, trout and fried shrimp are well worth a trip down to the city limits. The shack is so iconic that it was honored as one of “America’s Classics” by the James Beard Foundation in 2010.

5 Cemitas Puebla

Atomica: This ain’t no ordinary sandwich shop. A hulking sandwich loaded with carne enchilada, milanesa and jamon on house-baked bread is Cemitas Puebla’s crowning achievement. An afternoon siesta after finishing one is optional, but recommended. How much do you know about tiger facts for kids? Let’s check.

6 Crisp

Seoul Sassy Fried Chicken: Korean fried chicken? Don’t ask us how, but it works and it’s divine. Jumbo-sized wings are slathered in a sweet ginger-soy-garlic sauce and fried to crisp perfection. Traditional or not, there aren’t many (if any) places that make better chicken.

7 El Nuevo Borinquen

Jibarito: The steak jibarito is a Humboldt Park classic made by Puerto Ricans. They took two slices plantains and used them like bread and filled this sandwich with deliciousness. And love. Pick chicken, pork or vegetarian fillings if you like. Check out my list of fun, weird and just plain amazing fact of life I have found.

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